A Time to Drawback

Dear Intercessors,

Many of you have communicated that the Lord is having you participate in 3 weeks of prayer and fasting this first portion of the New year. My own church is doing the same. Many of us have felt it is a time of seeking God for 2013 and possibly more given the season we are in.
Brad Burk here in Dallas got an interesting word I wanted to pass on as an encouragement.
The Lord says it is a time of drawing back. Not retreat, as you might think, but preparation. For I have my hand on the string and am drawing back to fire an arrow. I am drawing back on the bow, which is Jesus, with the string, which is the Holy Spirit. And about to fire the arrow, which is the Body of Christ.
That arrow has been in the quiver, and a quiver is a protected place to keep the arrow until it is time to use it. Isaiah 49:2
So, if you have been in a time of preparation, be encouraged as many others are joining with you, as we prepare for being “launched” by the hand of the Lord !!
Be Blessed,

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