Declaration Day

Yesterday on July 4, we celebrated the signing of the Declaration of Independence and called it Independence Day. Actually, our Independence came 7 years later, in 1783. On July 4, 1776 we made a declaration of our basic principles, and so the holiday should really be called Declaration Day.
Our Founding Fathers declared first of all that all men were created equal. This powerful statement acknowledges that we are created by God, and that all else comes from Him. It was God who created us equal, with no preference for ancestry, skin color, or other distinction. They actually echoed the Biblical statement that, in Christ, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal 3:28).

Secondly, they declared that it was God who endowed us with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No one can take our life, because “God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.” (I John 5:11 b). In the same way, it is the Spirit of the Lord who gives us freedom (2 Cor 3:17b), not to indulge ourselves, but to serve others in love (Gal 6:13). The Lord gives us the choice of which path to follow in pursuit of happiness (Deut 30:19), but he guides us to happiness by showing us that life, prosperity, and honor come from pursuit of righteousness and love (Prov 21:21).

In the many years since 1776, our nation has struggled to live up to the principles declared by our Founding Fathers. The stain of slavery and racism, denying God’s declaration of equality, has only now begun to disappear from society. Yet, in modern times, many have forgotten that our rights come from God, denying Him and looking to the State as our source of rights and happiness. Even the right to life has been subverted to a false freedom to serve ourselves. We stand in grave danger of losing the rights and freedoms declared so eloquently in 1776.

Its time to turn things around.

Let us start with ourselves and join the Founding Fathers in their declaration:
* God created us, and everything comes from Him.
* God created us equal, to be one in Christ.
* God has given us the right to life through Christ.
* God has given us freedom in order to serve others.
*God has given us the right to pursue genuine happiness through righteousness and love.
Let us pray that the Church will recapture the Spirit of Declaration Day and pass it on to a nation desperately in need of real equality, life, liberty, and happiness.

Cycles of Unforgiveness

Today, on June 28, we remember two anniversary dates which are linked together in a cycle of bloodshed and unforgiveness.

On July 28, 1914, 103 years ago, a young Serbian terrorist assassinated the Archduke and Crown Prince of the great Austro-Hungarian Empire. The act led Austria-Hungary to revenge itself by declaring war on Serbia. The Russians entered the blood feud to protect their fellow Slavs, the Serbians. The Germans came to the support of Austria-Hungary, France and England came to the aid of Russia, and Europe erupted into the massive slaughter we now call World War I. All because of a cycle of unforgivness.

Five years and millions of deaths later, the war was officially brought to a close on June 28, 1919 in the Treaty of Versailles. Once again, unforgivness carried the day as the victorious Allies imposed draconian conditions on the defeated Germans. The resulting hardship and resentment created an opportunity for Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party to drive Europe into a second horrendous conflict which became the Second World War. Then, for another 50 years, the Russians extracted their revenge by turning the Eastern European nations into subservient police states. The First World War, called the “War to end all wars,” ended with the peace treaty of Versailles, which a critic called “The peace to end all peace.”

It was up to the Americans to break the cycle of unforgiveness. With the Marshall Plan in Europe and a humane occupation of Japan, the Americans turned their German and Japanese enemies into friends. America has also forgiven its cold war enemies in China, Vietnam, Russia, and Eastern Europe, leading the World into a time of prosperity and relative peace, and making way for the unprecedented worldwide Christian revival.

The American ability to forgive goes back to our history as a Christian nation. The Lord commands us to forgive our enemies, and the experience after the Second World War showed how the Biblical command to love our enemies produces Godly fruit of peace and revival. Forgiveness is perhaps the most powerful spiritual weapon to change the atmosphere and bring God’s answers into a situation.

There will always be those who are driven to attack others, and we thank God for those who protect us. But we must also know that there is no true peace without forgiveness.

Let us pray that we will remember that we are called to bless and not curse, and that we can use the spiritual weapon of forgiveness to end destructive cycles of unforgiveness.

Summer is Near

Today, June 21 the Summer begins on the Summer Solstice.

Astronomically, the Summer Solstice is the day when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky over the northern hemisphere. It is also the longest day of the year. The opposite solstice, the Winter Solstice, is the day when the sun is lowest in the heavens and the night is longest. The other seasonal markers, the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, occur when the sun is at mid point and day and night are of equal length.

These important calendar dates are important in God’s religious calendar. The first three Hebrew feasts, pointing to Christ’s death and resurrection, occur near the Spring Equinox, which the last three feasts, picturing the second coming of Christ, occur near the Fall Equinox. The Spring and Winter are associated with the appearance of Christ in Hosea 6:3, and the story of Christ’s advent begins with the conception of John the Baptist which is believed to have occurred near the Winter Solstice in 7 BC. Summer is associated with the second coming of Christ, as we are told that the Summer is near when the fig tree (Israel) comes to life. (Matt 24:32). See our book The Stars of His Coming for more information.

These important spiritual times have also been hijacked by the followers of the religion of the False Messiah, the Pagans. The Winter Solstice came to symbolize the birth of the False Messiah, and structures like New Grange in Ireland are aligned with the sun on the Winter Solstice. Pagans celebrated the Spring Equinox as the beginning of the year, as it was in God’s calendar, and celebrated the harvest at the Fall Equinox. The Summer Solstice, when the sun is highest, marked the power of their Pagan False Messiahs, and temples like Stonehenge were aligned with the sun on the Summer Solstice.

In modern times, the believers in the Godhood religion (i.e. we are all Gods) have latched onto the Pagan calendar in an attempt to get in touch with the spirits behind Paganism. They have also tried to revitalize the ancient Pagan sites with their New Age religion. They can be seen at Stonehenge, New Grange, Chitzen Itza, Angkor Wat, Chaco Canyon, and other sites trying to bring back the demon spirits. And, of course, the High Holy Day for many is the Summer Solstice.

As Christians, we need to pray for those poor New Age souls who are falling into demonic bondage. We also need to remember that dates like the Summer Solstice were created by God for his glory, and we can celebrate them as part of God’s prophetic calendar.

Yes, the Summer is near, and we should be telling folks the real meaning: the return of Christ is near.

For Fathers Day Remember the Titanic

This week we look back on the dedication of the Titanic Memorial in Washington D.C. on June 9, 1913.

In the aftermath of the tragic sinking of the Titanic in 1912, hearings were held in the U.S. Senate. During these hearings, the doctrine of “Women and Children First” was reviewed and it was found that 90% of those who died in the disaster were men. The First Lady, Nellie Taft, was so moved by the courage and sacrifice of those men that she raised funds to build a memorial to them. It was placed near the White House, bearing the inscription, “To the brave men who gave their lives that women and children might be saved.”

Not everyone was in favor of the Titanic Memorial. Feminists argued that “Women and Children First” was a disguised form of paternalistic oppression. They even criticized the women of the Titanic for accepting preferential treatment. The Memorial apparently remained offensive to Feminists, and in 1973 it was removed from its prominent place and put in storage. In 1979 it was moved to an obscure location overlooking the Potomac River.

Today the Feminist agenda is at its ascendency, and they are well on the way to eliminating special preferences for women and children. Institutions which are designed to protect children are being forced to put them at risk to sexual predators in the name of equality, and almost 60 million have been killed in furtherance of the Feminist abortion agenda. Women, especially single mothers, are increasingly left to fend for themselves and now, thanks to the Feminists, women can be sent into front lines of military conflicts. They are even thinking of subjecting women to the draft. The old belief of chivalry and sacrifice is ridiculed, and then the Feminists are surprised as young men thrown into close contact with young women in the military behave badly. And the abandonment and abuse of women and children by men encouraged to have no sense of honor is increasing every day, with tragic results.

We need to pray that there will be a revival of chivalry and sacrifice in our men. The Biblical role of men, to love their families even to the point of sacrificing themselves like Christ (Eph. 5:25) and the men of the Titanic, must be restored.

Let us remember the Titanic Memorial and pray that its message is moved from the Potomac into the hearts of our men and women.

Next Sunday, Father’s Day, would be a good time to start.

A Summer Semester for Campus Progressives



                There is no better way to enhance your education than by spending the summer traveling abroad. So we have compiled an itinerary for a summer semester for our campus Progressives.


                We begin close to home, in Venezuela. There you can see the happy masses enjoying the fruits of Socialism. Study how the benevolent government deals with the politically incorrect claims of starvation, promoting solidarity with the happy peasants who sacrificed for Socialism in the 1920’s in Ukraine and in China in the 1950’s.


                Next stop, Cuba, to see how income inequality, at least for the masses, is a thing of the past.

Who wouldn’t want to live in that workers paradise. Besides, they get to drive those classic cars from the 1950’s.


                France and Italy are next on the list. Here you can find happy college graduates, about 40% of them, who are enjoying the pleasures of a permanent summer vacation. After all, what does a job matter when you can go to school for free?


                For those who missed out on the “Day without white people” at some campuses, a trip to Zimbabwe is on the menu. They’ve been trying to get rid of white people for years. Enjoy the freedom from oppression which permeates the atmosphere in this showplace of democracy.


                Those interested in campus “Safe Zones” can journey to Raqqa Syria to find the ultimate safe zone. Learn how those with unpleasant beliefs are kept from upsetting the delicate sensibilities of the faithful. Courses are also offered on the proper technique for beheading an infidel.


                The climax of the summer semester is a trip to Russia. Student newspaper workers can learn how the professionals shield the people from hurtful press reporting. See how reactionary voices are silenced and hateful speech against political correctness is eliminated. You may discover that you have more in common with Vladmir Putin than you realized.


                Alas, summer ends too soon, especially in Russia, and you will have to return home. If you survive.


                If you have learned anything, head to your local church, get on your knees, and thank God that you live in the United States of America. Thank God you can say what you want and live your faith without fear. Thank Him that you live in a Free Enterprise Economy where you can find opportunity to achieve your dreams. Pray for the hungry, the poor, the hopeless, the persecuted, and the voiceless ones who live in darkness overseas, as well as the campus Progressives who have embraced the darkness at home.


                Tell your “Progressive” friends that freedom is the only truly progressive philosophy.


                And remind them that true freedom comes from knowing Christ.


                “If you hold to my teachings, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:31, 32). 

The Shadow of Division

              Last week the shadow of division deepened over America as political warfare reached new heights.

                Chaos erupted when president Trump fired FBI Director Comey. Democrats, who just the week before had excoriated Comey for his role in their 2016 election loss, suddenly found him to be a hero of the republic. Leakers in the government and even the White House fed the media’s frenzied efforts to demonize Trump. Of course, Trump and the Republicans have played into their enemies’ hands with mixed messages and inappropriate responses. Jesus warned that “Any Kingdom divided against itself will be ruined and a house divided against itself will fall.” (Luke 11:17). We are in grave danger.

If we want to heal our land, the first step is to humble ourselves, pray, and seek God’s face. (2 Chronicles 7:14). We believe that God is calling for a season of prayer during the Jewish season of Teshuvah, a 40 day period leading up to the Day of Atonement. The word “Teshuvah” literally means “to return to the presence of God”. This year there will be a spectacular Solar Eclipse on the First Day of Teshuvah, August 21, running from coast to coast, inviting us to return to His presence and warning us of the shadow of division. We must hear from Heaven to heal our land.

The second step to healing our land is to repent of our sins (2 Chronicles 7:14). In the Jewish tradition, Teshuvah is a time for repentance. We must return to God by repentance as individuals, as the Church, and as a nation. The Church, in particular, must repent of its sins of division. As Lou Engle has said “Only a united Church can heal a divided nation.” Please look at our website,, for more information. You can also read more about the prayer initiative in our book Teshuvah Eclipses, just released by Creation House.

The third step to healing our land is to join the movement to end the divisions in the Church. Many of the American Church leaders have begun reconciliation with the Vatican after Pope Francis sent a historic video to Kenneth Copeland in 2014. This year, 2017, there are a number of reconciliation meetings as we remember 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, the 50th anniversary of the Charismatic Renewal and the liberation of Jerusalem, and the 40th anniversary of the great Ecumenical Charismatic meeting in Kansas City in 1977.

Perhaps the most important reconciliation event in 2017 will be held in Kansas City on October 24-26. The meeting will be a convocation of national leaders, from Kenneth Copeland to Cardinal Di Nardo, President of U.S. Bishops. Through prayer, worship, dialogue, and fellowship the spirit of reconciliation will imparted to local leaders who can impact their communities. To find out more, see their website,

The fourth step to healing our land, revival, can come as the Church displays visible unity and love. Jesus prayed for unity of the Church and added that unity would “Let the world know that you (God) sent me” (John 17:23).

We invite you to join us in prayer and repentance through Teshuvah 2017, and to join us in the great work of Christian reconciliation and healing our land.             

Carbon 14 and The Bible

          For years some scientists have been using Carbon 14 dating to undermine the Biblical timeline of History and attack the truthfulness of the Bible. Now they are having to rethink their arguments.


            The Carbon 14 dating method measures the amount of the radioactive Carbon 14 isotope in organic material and, by comparing it with modern levels of Carbon 14, produces an age based on the radioactive decay of Carbon 14. This dating method is assumed to be good for 40,000 years, and produces very old dates for archeological sites.  However, it also produces dates which clash with historical dates derived both from Biblical information and other historical and archeological sources.


            Inaccurate Carbon 14 dating arises because Carbon 14 levels vary with Earth’s temperature, being high in warm periods and low in cold periods. As a result, the current levels of Carbon 14 are much higher than past levels of Carbon 14, and this produces a much earlier date measurement than the actual date.  Based on  more  accurate data about past Carbon 14 levels, one scientist documented 15,000 findings and found that none were over 7000 years old, and that many were about 4500 years old, the date of the worldwide catastrophe we call Noah’s Flood. Thus, for example, an American Indian artifact claimed to be over 11,000 years old may really be only 3,000 years old.


            Now archeologists are joining in the criticism of the Carbon 14 dating system. At a recent meeting, a noted archeologist observed that “In some circles it has been a crime to cast doubt on the accuracy of radiocarbon dating.” Nevertheless, this scientist showed conclusively that radiocarbon levels fluctuate from season to season and vary with location, providing erroneous age readings. When added to historical fluctuations in Carbon 14 levels, the whole Carbon 14 dating method becomes very suspect.


            The reason that some scientists cling to the inaccurate Carbon 14 system is simply that it produces results which are much older than actual. They fear that the real dates would be more in line with Bible history, and they would rather be wrong than give up their Anti-Biblical bias. Their problem is that the more Science learns about the past, the more it supports the Bible.


            We salute the courageous Scientists and Archeologists who challenge the Anti-Biblical Orthodoxy of their peers. Let us pray that God’s truth will prevail and that proofs of the accuracy of the Bible history will continue to be discovered by truth seeking Scientists.


            And may the attempts to destroy the faith of believers by false, Anti-Biblical, Pseudo-Scientific theories be exposed. Let no weapon formed against us prosper.