Blood Moons During the Church Age

                The Bible states that “The Heavens declare the Glory of God” (Ps 19:1), and we are told that there will be signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars of Christ’s Second Coming (Lk 21:25).


Signs in the Sun and Moon include eclipses of the Sun, when the Sun turns black, and eclipses of the Moon, when the Moon turns blood red. (Joel 2:31). The darkness of the solar eclipse presents a picture of judgment (Amos 5:18), but the lunar eclipse presents grace and mercy as the Moon, called the “Faithful witness in the sky” (Ps 89:37), and representing the believers, is covered with the Blood of Christ. We are also reminded that the believers overcome Satan by their witness and Christ’s Blood (Rev 12:11). Thus, while the solar eclipse represents judgment, the lunar eclipse or Blood Moon represents not judgment, but God’s grace, mercy, and the power to overcome evil.


Blood Moons have a special interconnection with Jewish lunar calendar because two Jewish Feasts, Passover and Tabernacles, occur when the Moon is full and a lunar eclipse can occur. Some significant events have occurred during a Blood Moon, such as the first Passover during the Exodus in 1446 BC and a Blood Moon during the Spring of 5 BC when the Chinese observed the Star of Bethlehem and our research indicates that Christ was born. However, many authorities attach special significance to groupings of four Blood Moons on sequential Jewish Feast days, known as Tetrads. We agree that the Tetrads are historically significant, and believe that they represent times of extraordinary grace and revival in the Church.


The eight historical Tetrads during the Church Age are outlined as follows:


  1. 1967-68 – Charismatic revival begins, resulting in 600 million Charismatic Christians today
  2. 1949-50– Billy Graham and tent revival movement, with Graham preaching to over 2 billion people  so far.
  3. 1493-94– Columbus begins evangelization of New World, with over 800 million Christians in the Americas today.
  4. 1428-29 Joan of Arc’s visions lead to separation of France from England, allowing England to participate in Protestant Reformation and world wide evangelization.
  5. 860-61 – St. Cyril begins missionary career which leads to Christianization of Bulgaria and Russia.
  6. 842-43 – Charlemagne’s heirs split Germany from France, with Germany turning evangelistic efforts eastward and leading to conversion of Poles, Bohemians, Hungarians, and Eastern Germans.
  7. 795-96– Charlemagne’s conquests and the scholar Acuin’s evangelistic efforts lead to conversion of Moravia, Slavs, Danes, and ultimately many Vikings.
  8. 162-63– First Charismatic renewal in Church restores prophecy and holiness to many Churches in Roman Empire, strengthening the Church to grow under persecution.


We have now entered the ninth Blood Moon Tetrad, in 2014-15. The spiritual turning points in the previous Tetrads were often seemingly small events with full manifestation occurring much later. Nevertheless, we have seen such historic events as the Pope’s unity outreach (See our Blog of 3/5/14 “Pope’s Unity Message Goes Viral”), and we have great expectations that a revival based on Christ’s unity prayer will be launched.


We urge our prayer partners to join Jesus in his prayer for unity so that the world will believe our message (See John 7:23). Let us find our Brothers in other Christian Churches and pray together for the Unity Revival to come.


Revival is coming. Don’t miss it!


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