Carbon 14 and The Bible

          For years some scientists have been using Carbon 14 dating to undermine the Biblical timeline of History and attack the truthfulness of the Bible. Now they are having to rethink their arguments.


            The Carbon 14 dating method measures the amount of the radioactive Carbon 14 isotope in organic material and, by comparing it with modern levels of Carbon 14, produces an age based on the radioactive decay of Carbon 14. This dating method is assumed to be good for 40,000 years, and produces very old dates for archeological sites.  However, it also produces dates which clash with historical dates derived both from Biblical information and other historical and archeological sources.


            Inaccurate Carbon 14 dating arises because Carbon 14 levels vary with Earth’s temperature, being high in warm periods and low in cold periods. As a result, the current levels of Carbon 14 are much higher than past levels of Carbon 14, and this produces a much earlier date measurement than the actual date.  Based on  more  accurate data about past Carbon 14 levels, one scientist documented 15,000 findings and found that none were over 7000 years old, and that many were about 4500 years old, the date of the worldwide catastrophe we call Noah’s Flood. Thus, for example, an American Indian artifact claimed to be over 11,000 years old may really be only 3,000 years old.


            Now archeologists are joining in the criticism of the Carbon 14 dating system. At a recent meeting, a noted archeologist observed that “In some circles it has been a crime to cast doubt on the accuracy of radiocarbon dating.” Nevertheless, this scientist showed conclusively that radiocarbon levels fluctuate from season to season and vary with location, providing erroneous age readings. When added to historical fluctuations in Carbon 14 levels, the whole Carbon 14 dating method becomes very suspect.


            The reason that some scientists cling to the inaccurate Carbon 14 system is simply that it produces results which are much older than actual. They fear that the real dates would be more in line with Bible history, and they would rather be wrong than give up their Anti-Biblical bias. Their problem is that the more Science learns about the past, the more it supports the Bible.


            We salute the courageous Scientists and Archeologists who challenge the Anti-Biblical Orthodoxy of their peers. Let us pray that God’s truth will prevail and that proofs of the accuracy of the Bible history will continue to be discovered by truth seeking Scientists.


            And may the attempts to destroy the faith of believers by false, Anti-Biblical, Pseudo-Scientific theories be exposed. Let no weapon formed against us prosper.     

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