God of the Universe

                Scientists thought it would only be just a matter of time before they found life in the Universe. Instead, they keep finding God.


About fifty years ago scientists launched the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (“SETI”), thinking that there were vast numbers inhabitable planets in the Universe. But then science itself began to intervene as more was discovered about conditions necessary for life. Instead of only two factors needed for life as they thought 50 years ago, there are over 200. Statistically, that means that life is impossible. Not surprisingly, after 50 years of looking no intelligent life has been found by SETI.


In fact scientific discoveries have now proven that the very existence of the Universe is virtually impossible. If just one of the many variables in the Universe was off by 1 part of a number 5000 times the U.S. National Debt there would be no stars. The odds against the Universe just happening by chance are the same as flipping a coin with heads coming up 10 quintillion times in a row. Some scientists have even proposed the ridiculous idea that here must be an almost infinite number of parallel universes to get around the obvious conclusion that life and the Universe did not come to be by chance.


No, we do not live on a speck of dust planet circling around an insignificant star. Our planet was made to support our life, and so was the Universe we live in. And more and more scientists are beginning to believe that the Universe was designed by a super intelligent Creator because there is no other rational explanation.


God does not need scientists to confirm the Biblical truth that He made the Earth and the Universe. However, it is nice to know that our scientists are beginning to learn enough to begin to understand the awesome God we serve.


Perhaps now they can take the next step and come to know the God who so carefully and lovingly made our Universe.


Let us pray that they will respond to the God of the Universe.

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