God’s Turnaround

            In these days of economic trouble, government oppression, increasing human needs, and disdain for life, many intercessors have begun to fear that it is too late to turn our society around.

            The people of Alexandria, Egypt, were in a similar state of despair when John of Amathus was named as Patriarch on this day in 610 AD. The story of John of Amathus  shows how God can use one person to achieve a turnaround.

            John’s first acts were too confront the culture of death in Alexandria. He tore down the infanticide walls outside of the city and called on the people to respect the sanctity of Life. Putting deeds with his words, he opened a maternity hospital, homes for the aged, and hospitals for the sick. He became famous for his concern for the needy and is now known as Saint John the Almsgiver.

            But John was also interested in the economic well being of his city. He fought against corruption and excessive taxation which had caused a damaging economic decline. He pushed for tax reform which took the government off the backs of the people and brought about an economic revival which benefited both rich and poor. As a result of his efforts Alexandria recovered its position as a leading commercial center in the Byzantine Empire.

            Of course we do not have to go back to the seventh century to look for these who fought to restore freedom and make a better life for their people. Margaret Thatcher, who has just passed away, led a British turnaround which saved the country’s economy. Ronald Reagan did the same in the U.S. while defeating the Communist threat to freedom.

            It is true that the American nation has come under God’s Judgement because of its turning away from God (See our Blogs of 9/10/2012 “Revisiting the Harbinger” and 11/7/2012 “The Day After”). It is up to the Church to act like the Church, repent, and pray for revival. Let us pray that the Church will wake up and take its place of Leadership.
            And let us also pray that God will send another in the spirit of John of Amathus to help accomplish God’s turnaround in our time.

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