Hacktion and Re-Haction

Last week we were told that the Russians had hacked the Democratic Party’s e-mails.

Everyone was outraged that the Russians would do such a thing. Especially the Democrats, who accused the Russians of interfering in our Democratic election process by exposing how the Democrats had interfered in the democratic election process by sabotaging the Presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. Focusing rage on the Russians worked well with the slavish media, but the Sanders delegates walked out of the convention anyway.   

Donald Trump jumped in with both feet, landing with a foot in his mouth as he often does. He suggested that the Russians turn over the 33,000 deleted Clinton e-mails which they almost certainly have. The Democrats and their loyal media allies accused him of encouraging Russian hacking, ignoring the fact that the Clintons had destroyed the server in question so it could not now be re-hacked .They also seemed to have suddenly thought that there were vital national secrets hidden in those 33,000 “personal” e-mails.

Then Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor who stole documents and fled to Russia, weighed in by criticizing Wikileaks, which had actually released the e-mails. Wikileaks shot back a tweet saying that his sympathy for the Democratic party won’t get him a pardon from Clinton. We’ll see.

Finally, the author of Clinton Cash, Peter Schweizer, has exposed a Clinton connection to Russia which could explain Putin’s apparent hostility to Clinton. It seems that while she was Secretary of State she gathered a group of Clinton Foundation donors and/or Clinton speech “Clients”, including some Russians, to help Putin establish a high tech center. Putin used the high tech center to access U.S. military technology, building missiles, advanced radar, and military aircraft. Then, when Putin began using his military against Ukraine, the FBI put out warnings about the Russian technology theft, and the Democratic administration imposed economic sanctions.  

It appears that Putin feels betrayed by Clinton and the Democrats. Perhaps that e-mail leak was a warning shot, letting them know that he expects them to come back in line. Maybe he wants his money back. There is also the possibility that Putin is so angry that he will release the other, possibly incriminating, e-mails and sabotage Clinton’s Presidential campaign. Putin may even think that he can work better with Trump.

Many Christians have been praying that hidden secrets will be revealed in the election. And it seems that the Lord has worked through His enemies, as He often does, to begin answering that prayer.

The American people have an important choice to make this November, and it seems that both candidates for President are terribly flawed. We must seek God in prayer for His answer.

We must also be in prayer about a political system where the two most disliked people in America are running for President. It seems that the Christians who make up over 70% of our population had been marginalized. That reason is simple: The Church is divided. As Lou Engle, Christian prayer leader, has said, “A divided Church cannot heal a divided nation.”


Pray that the Church will unite in answer to Christ’s prayer in John 17. Then pray that God will send a revival to heal our land, before it is too late.            

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