Who Killed Michael Brown?

                Now that the facts and the Grand Jury have shown Officer Darren Wilson to be innocent of murdering Michael Brown, perhaps it is time to ask who really killed Michael Brown.

How was it that 18 year old Mr. Brown came to believe that there was nothing wrong with stealing those infamous cigars from a convenience store? Was he taught by the same people who taught the “Protestors” in Ferguson, Missouri that looting liquor stores was the right thing to do?

Someone taught him that it was fine to rough up a much smaller store clerk who tried to prevent his theft. Apparently he thought he could do the same thing when he attacked Officer Wilson. Did the violent “Protesters” follow the same teaching as they fought and burned their way across Ferguson? Why is violence accepted as a way of life, producing a black murder rate 10 times higher than the white murder rate, with 90% of those being blacks killed by other blacks?

Finally, who convinced Mr. Brown that he was above the law and the authorities? Sure, there was a history of injustice and lynching in prior generations, but now the forces of lawfulness require facts and proof before punishing a criminal. Yet, in Ferguson we see a modern day racial lynch mob “Protesting” against the very rights which protect them from police abuse. Mr. Brown and the “Protesters” have been duped into attacking the foundations of their own civil rights and freedoms.

Michael Brown died resisting arrest, killed by his own lawlessness and rebellion. Nobody taught him the wages of sin is death (Ro 6:23 a). Michael was deceived, and the Deceiver who caused his death is Satan, the father of lies, and his followers. It was Satan who murdered Michael Brown, along with the thousands of other rebellious young black men who die violently every year.

Our hearts should be broken over the death of Michael Brown and the many other young men who are dying without Christ. We must bring light into their darkness, and love into their hate. The only remedy for this death by deception is Jesus Christ, Who gives God’s gift of eternal life. (Ro 6:23 b).

Let us pray that the tragedy of this young man’s death will send the Church into action and open the eyes of the Church and society to the plague of lawlessness which infects many black communities.

Pray for the Lord to bless those headed for Death through lawlessness with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to know God before it is too late.

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