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Somehow we have made it to the end of September without seeing any of the catastrophes predicted in the blogosphere.


The dreaded Shemitah dates passed with no financial or other collapses. The Doomsday predictions were, in our belief, based on bad economics, bad arithmetic, and failure to understand the blessing intended for the Shemitah years. We are in a Stock Market correction, but there is no 7 year economic collapse cycle. The actual Shemitah years tracing back to the Exodus occur in 2011 and 2018, and the Jubilee years are 1991 and 2040. Shemitah is the Year of the Lord’s Favor, setting us free from bondage to worship the Lord. As Christians, we can enjoy the benefits every year (See our Blog of 9/2/15 “The Shemitah: Year of the Lord’s Favor”).


Similarly, the Blood Moons passed without disaster. To those who predicted that the Pope’s visit to the U.S. would start one world government and religion, the Pope delivered an eloquent refutation at Independence Hall, championing religious freedom, individual rights, limited government, and appreciation for diversity. The Blood Moons actually picture an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, revival, and overcoming evil by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. We are, we believe, entering into a revival based on unity in Church which will let the world know that God has sent us (See our Blog of 9/23/15 “Blood Moon Revival”).


This is not to say that we do not live in troubled times. Revival often comes out of trouble, as people realize that their sins have caught up with them and begin looking for answers. But we must be ready with the Gospel message of hope and love, not judgement, if revival is to become a reality.


Our sister organization, The International Star Bible Society, has written a book detailing the history and the hope of the Blood Moons, The Mystery of the Blood Moons. The book, published by The Creation House arm of Charisma Media, is available at Amazon and other bookstores.


This is not a time to be hiding in our cellars eating bean sprouts. We must rise to the challenges of our times and work with God as He calls us to the Harvest.


Let us pray for repentance and revival. And let us go forth in boldness to offer salvation to a lost and frightened generation.

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