Responding to the Moslem Riots

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Responding to the Muslim Riots

The 9/11 anniversary date saw an explosion of riots in the Islamic world, culminating with a terrorist attack which killed the U.S. Ambassador of Libya. While some blamed a video, the actual cause of the riots is a clash between the American culture of freedom and the Islamic culture of repression.

Back in the Middle Ages a similar clash of cultures occurred when the Moslem Turks overran the Holy Land and begin persecuting the Christians. The Church made a big mistake by viewing the conflict as one between the lands under Christian control, known as “Christendom”, and those outside. The Church launched Crusades in an effort to expand Christendom by force of arms. They forgot that Christianity is spread by love, not war.

We’re not citizens of “Christendom”, but are instead citizens of the Kingdom of God. We must view each person as a potential member of God’s Kingdom no matter where they live, or what they believe. And we know that many Muslims are coming into the Kingdom every day.

Let us pray that Church will not let the riots harden its heart and turn it away from its mission of bringing people into the Kingdom of God. Pray for the leaders and the people in the Moslem nations that peace and order will return.

And may they be blessed with eyes to see and ears to hear so that many may join the Kingdom of God.

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