Teshuvah Prayer Insights

On August 21, 2017 during the Solar Eclipse a solemn assembly was held just north of Kansas City in the path of Totality.

It was a cloudy, rainy day in the area and the clouds hid the unity symbol of the Eclipse of the Moon (symbolic of The Bride) uniting with the Sun (symbolic of The Groom). The darkness, warning of Judgment, came and it was followed by wind, lightning, and rain. We took this as a sign of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the midst of Judgment. We prayed through Isaiah 4:5-6, for a Canopy of Prayer to cover and protect God’s people as they gather in the Glory, led by a cloud by day and fire by night. It is important to remember that God knows how to protect His people in the midst of Judgment (2 Peter 2: 5-9)

The next morning as we made our way to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City we saw that Kansas City was flooded by the storm. As we entered the House of Prayer I overheard people talking about the heavy, unusual rains that had fallen, and I began to remember the scientific warnings of decreases in solar energy output and the research I had done linking heavy rain with global cooling. Historically, global cooling has brought famine, plague, and war, and was thought to be a judgment from God.

As I was praying about this in the IHOP I heard the Lord say that judgment is already decreed. The floods had already begun, first in Kansas City, then in Texas, then in Florida, and other storms may be coming. At a prayer meeting in Dallas an intercessor saw the floods stopping people in their tracks, forcing them to confront God. This is in keeping with the scripture that says God sends judgment to bring people to repentance (Isaiah 26:9). Perhaps God will use these events to answer our Teshuvah prayer for repentance, church unity, and healing our land.

Also in the IHOP, I was drawn to Joel 2:13-19, calling for a sacred assembly for repentance and a return to God who is “gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and He relents from sending calamity” (Joel 2:13). We should pray that God relents from the calamitous flooding and the terrible judgment of global cooling. We should also pray about holding a sacred assembly on the date of the next sacred assembly on the Jewish calendar, September 29, the Day of Atonement and the last day of Teshuvah. Perhaps God is calling a Sacred Assembly on September 29 to give those who missed the Teshuvah process of repentance and return to the Presence of God another chance.

Let us not forget to pray for those suffering through the storms, floods, and earthquakes they have experienced. We must also remember to show forth the love of God in practical ways to help them recover (James 2: 15, 16).

And let us continue to pray through Teshuvah for repentance, Christian unity, and healing our land.

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