1. What is Prayer?
Prayer, for the Christian, is a conversation with God. We are promised that He listens to us ( I John 5:14 & 15 in the Bible) and we are told that we can hear His voice as well (John 10:27)

2. To Whom do we offer our prayers?
Jesus said that we should address our prayers to Father God in Jesus’ name if we want an answer (John 17:23). God wants us to pray to Him because He love us (John 17:26 & 27).

3. What is Corporate Prayer?
“Corporate” prayer is simply prayer engaged in by a group of believers. We are told in Matthew 18:19 & 20, that Corporate Prayer multiplies the power of prayer.

4. Shouldn’t You Have a Quiet, Private Time of Prayer?
Yes, Jesus encouraged His followers to spend time alone with God (see Matthew 6:6 in the Bible). You should have both a quiet time and Corporate Time of Prayer with others.

5. What is Intercessory Prayer?
Intercessory Prayer is praying for others. Intercessors are people who seek God’s will (see Romans 12:1 & 2 in the Bible) and stand in the gap for others (Ezekiel 22:20).

6. Why Does God Want Us to Intercede in Prayer?
God has given humans dominion over the earth (Psalms 8:4-6) and He wants us to speak out His will on Earth (Matthew 6:10). Our prayers can change things (James 5:16).

7. What is Spiritual Warfare?
Spiritual Warfare is a term used to describe intercessory prayer directed against spiritual forces which hold people and geographic areas in bondage. However, we believe that we must be careful to bless and not curse (Romans 12:14) and we generally avoid using the term. Instead, we recommend that intercessors seek God for direction in prayer to bless people and see them set free from Spiritual Bondage (see Luke 10: 8,9 and 18,19).

8. What is Spiritual Mapping?
Spiritual Mapping is the process of discovering the Spiritual Forces at work in a given people group or geographic location in order to intercede with understanding. Spiritual Mapping can be accomplished through historical study, as in our book Babylon: A Spiritual Journey through Time and the Nations, and is often enhanced by prayer journeys to the location.

9. How is Christian Unity Achieved?
The Bible recognizes that Christian believers will have different ideas about faith, but we are advised to tolerate these differences (Romans 14:1-4). Our unity comes from the fact that each believer is united with Christ, and so all who are truly in Christ are also united with each other in Christ (John 17:20-23).

10. Are You Discouraged by the Increasing Evil in the Nation and the World Today?
Many intercessors are discouraged by the darkness in the world today, but a review of history as shown in our Babylon book shows that the world has always been dark. As the same time, as the Babylon book shows, God has always had a plan and our age is no exception. In fact, God is moving all over the world and we live in the age of the greatest growth the Church has ever had: It is the best time ever to be alive. So, keep believing and keep praying.