Partnering With United In Christ

United In Christ is an established association that has been working since 2001 to network, strengthen, and facilitate understanding within the Body of Christ. Individual board members and associates have been working and ministering much longer.

United In Christ is present in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Please join us in prayer, ministry, and support.

The mission of United In Christ is to promote the reconciliation of all Christians and Christian Churches who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Messiah; through worship, prayer, interdenominational fellowship, preaching, and teaching. These truths are lived out through the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, born of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore, let there be unity in what is necessary, freedom in what is unsettled and in all things charity.

We are committed to being ecumenical and assuring the dignity of each individual the right to free will decisions in matters of faith. Recognizing that the church has been divided; we do not look to uniformity or the lowest common denominator but promote unity in the Church as Reconciled Diversity.

Unity In Reconciled Diversity is the work of the Holy Spirit. It does not begin with doctrinal issues or theology but with recognition of the gifts God has placed within each person and church. It is a ‘walking together‘ not a ‘sitting at the table‘. And is Alive with His Hope and Presence.

As such, United In Christ with the entire Body of Christ long that there may be one Church of God, a Church visible, truly universal, and sent forth to the whole world that the world may know His Joy, be converted to the gospel and so be saved, to the glory of God.

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