Mobilizing Corporate Prayer

Corporate Prayer Resources seeks to provide intercessors with practical techniques to tap into the power of prayer to achieve real world results.

We find that many people are intimidated by group prayer, feeling that praying should be left to Pastors and super spiritual saints. Our first step to mobilizing corporate prayer is to “de-mystify” prayer so that ordinary Christians can partake of the conversation with God which we call prayer. In a group setting inexperienced people learn they can hear from God, as they listen to others pray out what they also have heard from the Holy Spirit. With a little teaching and a little experience, anyone can become powerful in prayer.

The second step to mobilizing corporate prayer is to bring intercessors into an atmosphere where God can move. Intercessors should be spiritually prepared and expectant. Prayer leaders should ensure that the prayers of all group members are heard, while gently keeping the intercessors on track. Spiritual unity must be maintained to realize the power of prayers of agreement. Above all, the Holy Spirit should be welcomed and allowed flexibility to move in the prayer meeting.

The third step to mobilizing Corporate Prayer is to select prayer assignments which utilize the giftings and callings of the intercessors. To that end, we have provided prayer assignment suggestions based on our experience:

We urge you to partner with God in bringing the power of prayer to your church, city, state, nation, and the world.

Your kingdom come, your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven – Matthew 6:10