Church Blessings

For a Dioceses, a Church, a Local Community and the Body of Christ

By: Brad & Melba Burk

  • Bless you with experiencing and expressing the Father heart of God.
  • Bless you with a spirit of unity with God and man.
  • Bless you with life-giving identity as a child of the Most High God.
  • Bless you with identity: You are His beloved and created and designed by God your Father.
  • Bless you with knowing how the Father sees you and others- a reflection of His great love.
  • Bless you with the ability to demonstrate what your eyes see in heavenly places.
  • Bless you to express what your ears hear from the Father in prayer.
  • Bless you with courage to trust and obey the voice of the Father.
  • Bless you to accept and acknowledge truth that conveys the Father’s heart.
  • Bless you with the ability to receive and give the love of the Father.
  • Bless you to change the atmosphere by expressing God’s wisdom and revelation.
  • Bless you to come out of hiding and from under a slumbering spirit to fulfill destiny.
  • Bless you with the spirit of wisdom and revelation by having your eyes of understanding enlightened.
  • Bless you with being a lighthouse whose light shines into all the dark places bringing hope.
  • Bless you with being like a city set on a hill whose light cannot be hidden.
  • Bless you to become a path of righteousness that shines brighter and brighter.
  • Bless you with insight, vision and understanding to impact communities, cities, states and nations.
  • Bless you with the power to heal and restore the wounded and brokenhearted.
  • Bless you with the spiritual skill and compassion to receive and embrace the outcast.
  • Bless you with the authority and desire to bring the lonely into the family of God.
  • Bless you with the Father’s love that will cast out all fear of those who are afraid.
  • Bless you with the ability to restore and build confidence in your relationship with God, The Father.
  • Bless you with reestablishing your heart with the God-given gift of joyfulness.
  • Bless you with wisdom to lead people into an overcoming lifestyle.
  • Bless you with the grace, the power of God’s presence, to experience the faithfulness of God.
  • Bless you with being known and received as a friend of God and one who seeks His face.
  • Bless you with the freedom to flourish in the face of all opposition.
  • Bless you with great grace to align with God’s plan and purpose to impact the next generation.
  • Bless you with encountering the brooding and hovering of the spirit of God in your services.
  • Bless you with a sure foundation on which to build, develop and strengthen God’s work.


“Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth, give me an undivided heart that I might fear your name.” – Psalm 86:11