Prayer Cover Guidelines


Team members are to be people of prayer who regularly read and meditate on the Word of God, and daily seek to be led by the Spirit.

I.  Personal spiritual preparation before arriving at the meeting.

Protect yourself, family and household:

  • Take the full armor of God
  • Ephesians 6:10-18 – armor
  • Revelation 12:11 – sword
  • Isaiah 54:17 – sword

Prepare yourself to offer prayer ministry:

Invite the Holy Spirit to fill you/your life and to teach/lead the prayers.

Confess, repent and turn from your sins. Get right with God through the Blood of Jesus (Passover/Atonement).   

Seek forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God”  (1 Peter 5:6)  Check your attitude – (seek Him with your whole heart and believe God hears and answers prayer).

Welcome the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to be present.

Invite angels to attend,

Praise is an excellent way to start. In praise one can focus on God, magnifying His Name.  Praise and worship prepares one’s heart before the heavenly Father.   Read Psalms, sing worship hymns or pray in the Spirit.


It is important to pray for yourself first.  (As airline hosts/hostesses advise about oxygen masks, take care of yourself first so you will be available to help others.)

Pray for others.

Prayers to the Father flow out of a personal relationship with Jesus and filling of the Holy Spirit.

II.  Prayer Cover for the Meeting in the Prayer Room.

Gather all intercessors and prayer teams an hour prior to start of meeting.

Worship and pray together in order to come into Unity of God. Unity is key to achieving all the Lord has for this meeting. Since the Lord has given the prayer room His authority to cover in prayer room is what happens in the conference meeting. If the prayer room is at peace, worshipping the Lord the same is replicated in the conference meeting. Also, our actions must be submitted to him and the leaders of the Church and line up word of God.

There may be many intercessors from various Christian streams with different gifts and experiences in prayer and prayer temperament. We ask everyone to prefer one another and honor the Lord in two specific areas.

First, keep our prayers limited to about 2 minutes in length so that others may join in and share the time as well. No one person should dominate the prayer time. Second, if an intercessor has a prayer language (a gift of the Holy Spirit) please use it quietly and not out loud as some may not have the same experience of understanding and this can cause confusion and division and we do not want that in the prayer room as it can affect the conference meeting.

Please come 10 minutes early to participate in your assigned prayer watch hour. This helps in the transition from one team to the next and allows the next team to get in the flow of prayer the Lord is doing in the current team’s watch.

Please remember the focus of prayer is to worship the Lord and to pray blessings on the conference meeting. This is not a time for personal body ministry or to pray for other prayer needs, i.e. prayers for the nation, elections, etc. We have specific assignment and must protect the time from any other distractions.

Please mute the ringer on your cell phone. We suggest to bring a bottle of water and sweater in case the a/c is high.