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Kairos 2017: United In Christ – Leadership Summit

In October 2017 there will be a historic meeting of Christian Leaders from the major streams of Christianity in Kansas City.

The year 2017 is a year of anniversaries and a year to remember the faithfulness of God:

  • The Protestant Reformation – For 500 years God has worked to heal the broken Body of Christ from the wounds arising from the conflicts of the Reformation era.
  • The Charismatic Renewal – 50 years ago He sent a powerful revival that transcended divisions of the Church and brought many Christians together across denominational lines for the first time.
  • The Messianic Jewish Movement – 50 years ago the Messianic Jewish movement was birthed as Israel gained control over Jerusalem, beginning a new restoration of Jewish believers to the Body of Christ.
  • The 1977 Kansas City Meeting – 40 years ago there was a great meeting of Christians longing for God’s presence and the unity of the Body of Christ in Kansas City.

The year 2017 is also a year of destiny.  We believe that God is calling His people to unity in Christ as Jesus prayed in John 17 so that the world will believe that God so loved the world that He sent His Son. This unity is not unity that is based off of organizations or doctrines, but is a spiritual unity which values the contributions of all Christians: a unity in diversity. From that unity the Body of Christ can bring healing and revival to the nation.

Join with nationally recognized leaders as we re-dig the wells of revival in Kansas City on October 24-26, 2017. Christian leaders from Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Messianic, and Orthodox traditions dialogue, fellowship, prayer, and worship. There will be an exchange of giftings and an impartation to carry the message of Christian unity and revival back to our communities.

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Kairos 2017 : United In Christ

October 24 – 26, 2017 – Kansas City, MS

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