Christmas Promises

There are many reasons to celebrate Christmas and the advent of Christ. One of the best reasons for us is the celebration of how God kept His promises about sending Christ to Earth:


*    God promised Adam and Eve He would be born miraculously to a virgin, (Gen 3:15), and He was.

*    God promised Abraham that Christ would be a descendent of his (Gen 12:2), and He was.

*    God promised Jacob that Christ would come from the line of his son Judah (Gen 49:10), and He did.

*    God promised David that Christ would come from his Line (2 Sa 7:16), and He did.

*    God told Micah that Christ would be born in Bethlehem (Mi 5:2), and He was.

*    God told Daniel when Jesus would begin His ministry, 483 years after the decree to rebuild Jerusalem (Da 9:25), and He did, in 26 AD.

*    God told Isaiah where Christ would begin His ministry, in Galilee (Is 9:1), and He did.


There are dozens of specific prophecies recorded about Jesus, His ministry, and His resurrection. All have been fulfilled, giving us confidence that God’s promises to us will also be fulfilled.

So as we gather to thank God for the greatest Christmas present of all, Jesus Christ, let us also rest secure in the knowledge that God can be trusted to keep all of his promises.

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