The Inquisition Spirit

            The American people are beginning to awaken to the freedom they have given away. It is now clear the IRS and other Government agencies have been persecuting people for their political and religious views. Now the same cabal of Senators who launched the IRS attacks, along with some presidential candidates, want to amend the First Amendment to limit our free speech rights.  These activities contradict our Declaration of Independence and the “Spirit of 1776” and in fact take us back to the Spirit of the infamous Spanish Inquisition.

The Inquisition was the prototype of totalitarian systems designed to eliminate all belief contrary to the Politically Correct beliefs of the authorities. In the case of the Inquisition, the Politically Correct belief was a form of Roman Catholicism. Later emulators of the Inquisition Spirit tried to force compliance with the French Revolution, Nazism, and Communism.  Today the Spirit of Inquisition is rising in places like Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey, and Russia where Democracies are being converted into authoritarian Governments. And the same trend is beginning to appear in the U.S., where the Politically Correct “Progressive” beliefs in Big Government, sexual “freedom”, and secularism are targeting those who believe in limited Government and who hold Christian views.

The methods of the Inquisition Spirit have varied little down through History. First, the authorities gain control of the Law Enforcement mechanisms of society either directly, as in the case of the Communists, or indirectly, as in the Spanish Inquisition. Secondly, the power of Government is used to find those who may have opposing views. Those who come to the attention of the Government, whether “Guilty” or not, are then made into an example to terrorize the population into compliance. Often the victims of the Inquisition Spirit are not told why they were targeted and, like the Tea Party IRS applicants, simply left in legal limbo.

Sad to say, even in a country like the U.S., with its legacy of freedom, the Inquisition Spirit is never far away. The current American manifestation began on college campuses, where “Progressives” have ended academic freedom and used the Inquisition Spirit to eliminate all politically incorrect speech, as was evident by revelations that Conservatives were dis-invited to be commencement speakers. It should not be too surprising that a whole generation of college graduates have taken the Inquisition Spirit from the universities to the halls of Government.

As intercessors, we must realize that we do not struggle against the individuals, but against the Inquisition Spirit itself. We must pray that the Lord will bless our enemies with the knowledge of the Lord and a desire for freedom. We pray that the Spirit of Inquisition will be turned back in our Government, and we pray for a revival of Christianity and freedom on the college campuses where it began.

Above all we pray that America will remain a free country where we can worship God without Government persecution.

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