President Cyrus


During the 2016 election cycles a number of prophetic voices announced that God was sending a “Cyrus” to rescue the Church from an increasingly Anti-Christian government.


What we got was Donald Trump, a foul-mouthed, arrogant former playboy, and a merciless competitor. But, like ancient King Cyrus, he befriended God’s people and 81% of the Evangelicals voted for him. Mr. Trump will become our 45th President on January 20.


Like King Cyrus, Trump rose against a corrupt system and promised to change it. Cyrus targeted the ancient city of Babylon, which was suffering from mis-rule by King Nabonidus and his son, the famous Belshazzar whose doom was prophesied by Daniel (Daniel 5:26-28). The people, already oppressed by the government, suffered from a declining economy, loss of productive land, and plague. On top of it all, the kings disrespected the pagan religious leaders, who opened the gates of the city to Cyrus without an arrow being fired. In Trump’s case it was the Christian leaders, not the unbelievers, who helped an oppressed people open the gates for change.    


Like Trump, Cyrus saw the wisdom of working with God’s people. He fulfilled the prophecy of Jeremiah (Jerimiah 25:9, 11, 12) by allowing the Jews to return to Israel. He also decreed that the Temple would be rebuilt and all of its furnishings returned, as prophesied by Isaiah (Isaiah 44:28). Because of his generosity, Israel supported Persia and helped guard Persia’s contested border with Egypt. Like Cyrus, Trump can help bring God’s presence back into our land as the Christians defend him against attack.  


As we await Trump’s inauguration on January 20 we must pray that Trump will be successful in moving with the Cyrus anointing. Pray that he can “Drain the Swamp” of corruption and mis-rule in Washington. Pray that he can remove the yoke of oppressive government and bring prosperity to our people. Above all, let us pray that Trump will be faithful to his promises to Christians and Jews, guarding our freedom of religion and protecting Israel.


Our President Cyrus, like ancient King Cyrus, has given us an opportunity to return to the presence of God. But it is up to God’s people to act on the opportunity to bring healing to our land.


We believe that God has called us to join in the Jewish season of prayer, repentance, and returning to God’s presence known as Teshuvah. Beginning with a spectacular Solar Eclipse running through America on August 21, symbolizing unity in Christ, the Church will have 40 days to seek God leading up to Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. It is a time for personal repentance, unity of believers, and healing our land.   


Pray that we will be faithful to God’s call, returning to His presence and bringing a desperately needed revival to America.    


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