Immigration and Abortion


                Today’s heated debate about immigration serve as an ironic reminder of the millions of aborted children whose loss makes immigration a necessity for the U.S.


                Infanticide and abortion have always been with us, and it was not until the 1870’s that the American Medical Association led the fight to outlaw abortion in the U.S. However, abortion advocates fought back, with Planned Parenthood organizers wanting to abort black children for racial reasons and others wanting to abort babies for genetic or racial purity. Finally, with the sexual revolution and rise of Feminism, abortion was forced upon the U.S. by our Supreme Court in 1973. As a result, we’ve lost over 50 million American Babies.


                With the advent of legalized abortion and sexual “Freedom”, the birth rate in the U.S. and the Western World began to fall. As the birthrate in one country after another continued to fall, the birthrate dropped below population replacement rates. As a result, these countries are experiencing declines in population, a phenomenon known as Demographic Collapse. At the same time, the average age of the population is increasing, leaving fewer workers to meet the needs of society.


                Demographic Collapse, in addition to being a spiritual and human tragedy, is an economic disaster. A shrinking population means that economic growth is reversed, causing stagnation and then contraction. Economic contraction means lower tax collections and a reduction in national finances and power. Even worse, the decrease in young workers means that social welfare programs such as government funded retirement and medical benefits become unsustainable. So societies which murder their own children are actually killing their own future.


                The process of Demographic Collapse in the U.S. has moved more slowly for one simple reason: immigration. Immigrants tend to be younger and therefore productive, adding to economic growth and paying into our government welfare systems. Skilled immigrants have helped the U.S. maintain its technological edge, while unskilled immigrants form the backbone of our agriculture, construction, and other industries. As far as America is concerned, increased immigration is the price we must pay to replace the millions of babies we have aborted.


                As Christians we must look at America’s immigration problems from the perspective of the Kingdom of God. After all, the world’s mission fields are coming to our neighborhoods, and we will have the opportunity to love them into the Kingdom. Many Latin American immigrants are already Christian, with strong family values, and we should reach out to them to help them assimilate and strengthen the Kingdom in America.


                Let us never forget God’s command to treat the aliens among us fairly.


And let us pray that God will save America from Demographic Collapse, and ask for His wisdom to solve our immigration problems.                    


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